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What's Included in a Study Package?

We provide to you all the critical materials and guidance to learn the content of the exam and prepare for exam day, no matter when you decide to take the exam.

  • Comprehensive Study Volumes
    Study Volumes provide a concise but thorough review of the terms, concepts, theories, and research addressed by the exam.
  • Package Protection Guarantee
    Our Package Protection Guarantee will give you the updated materials when new content is available. Purchase now with confidence. When the exam changes in 2018, you'll be studying with the most up-to-date materials.
  • Digital Audio Lectures
    Useful study strategies delivered in a convenient audio format so you can study anywhere and maximize your score.
  • TestMASTER - The Ultimate Mock Exam Program
    • 4 months, Unlimited Access
    • 4-5 full length exams
    • 680+ practice questions
    • 170 question Assessment Exam
    • Take the exams as many times as you need during your 4-month subscription.
  • One-on-One Coaching with an Exam Expert
    Personal assistance is available with our Coaches to help guide and support you through your study plan.

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Materials Study Package: $275
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3 Steps of Studying for Social Work Licensing Exams




Get equipped with our study packages, which include all the materials and support you need to pass the first time.

Our Pass Guarantee gives you the confidence to study with our tried and true method.

Receive help along the way. Study Packages include personal support and consultation to guide you through your exam prep so you'll be ready for exam day.

Add the National Social Work Exam Strategies and Content Review workshop to your study package.

Give yourself the additional support of live instruction:

  • Test-taking Strategies
  • Exam Content Review
  • 4 sessions to review and focus your study plan
  • Current information on any exam changes
  • Great antidote for long hours spent studying alone

Prepare for your test by registering for a Workshop. Simply choose a date when new workshops are announced. Our Educational Coordinators would be happy to assist your enrollment.

Package with Workshop: $425

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Here's what successful candidates had to say about AATBS

"Just wanted to pass along my thanks for putting together a great study program for the Social Work clinical exam. After using the online practice exams, study books, and online workshops, I sat for the LCSW exam in Wisconsin yesterday and passed it with no problem."

Paul M. Smit

"I did pass my exam on the first try using AATBS materials. I had purchased the books, flashcards and memory aids. All combined really helped me learn all I needed to know. Thanks AATBS staff for being available for questions during my preparation time."

Kristen Butler

"Thanks, AATBS. I passed my LCSW exam today! The study guides were easy to read and the practice exams helped a lot."

Meka Lavender Hyche

"Your materials were amazing; they helped me prepare far more than what was asked for on the exam. As a result my score was high!"

Linda Hudnall

Get Everything you Need to Pass

Plus, our AATBS Pass and Package Protection Guarantee. 
You'll be ready to study the new 2018 Social Work Exam.

Materials Study Package: $275

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Individual Materials are a Great Additions to any Study Plan

Online Programs


Individual Study Tools

Our online program includes TestMASTER, our mock exam program, flashcards, and an assessment exam. Get familiar with test taking, test construction, exam content, and more.

Begin or conclude your Social Work study plan with a proven, effective workshop. Clarify and distill your long-term preparation into test-ready, communicable concepts. Learn from expert, nationally recognized instructors.

Supplement your exam prep with current and up-to-date materials designed to teach to the test. Make passing your exam as simple and efficient as possible!

  • TestMASTER - Full length practice exams
  • Quizzes
  • Assessment Exam
  • Online Flashcards
  • Unlimited access during your subscription period
  • National Social Work Exam Strategies and Content Review
  • Test-taking Bootcamp
  • Theories of Psychotherapy Workshop
  • DSM-5 Review Workshop
  • Learn and study supportively with your peers
  • Study Volumes
  • Memory Aids
  • Color-coded Flashcards
  • DSM-5 Fast-Flip Reference Cards
  • Workbook for Test Success
  • Theories of Psychotherapy Chart
  • One-on-Coaching with an Exam Expert
  • Contains the most current and up-to-date content

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